Team Register Terms & Conditions

Risk Warning, Release and Indemnity

Exercising at Westgate Indoor Sports is a dangerous recreational activity and involves a significant risk of physical harm. By participating in any sport or activity you acknowledge that you, team members and anyone else representing your team are by this notice warned that you may suffer loss or damage to property, injury or death as a result of your participation in any exercise program, class or activity at Westgate Indoor Sports.

Release and Indemnity: You hereby release Westgate Indoor Sports from any claims that you may otherwise have against it in respect of any damage, injury, loss or death that may be occasioned by virtue of your participation in any activity at Westgate Indoor Sports, howsoever caused.

Independent Contractors: Westgate Indoor Sports utilises the services of independent contractors. Westgate Indoor Sports takes no responsibility for any act or omission by a contractor and you hereby release Westgate Indoor Sports of any liability arising from a contractors act of failure to act.

Westgate Indoor Sports Staff: Westgate Indoor Sports staff are not medically trained and are not in a position to provide medical advice. You must not rely on a representation by Westgate Indoor Sports staff as to your medical condition. If you are in doubt as to your capacity to engage in exercise you should consult a medical professional before entering Westgate Indoor Sports.

Westgate Indoor Sports staff are not trained or qualified in child care. Westgate Indoor Sports accepts no responsibility for any death or injury arising from the use of the facilities howsoever caused and you should supervise your children to ensure their safety.

As all the sports we offer are active in nature with moving equipment, participants need to be aware that injuries may occur and players play at their own risk. Please note all patrons are strongly advised to have their own private health insurance and ambulance cover.

By playing any sports at Westgate Indoor Sports you understand that exercise constitutes a dangerous recreational activity and that Westgate Indoor Sports, its servants, contractors, agents directors or employees will not be held liable for any act or omission to act howsoever caused. I have read and agree to Westgate Indoor Sports terms and conditions as stated above.